Pama Crafts Ceramics

Bring a piece of history from Jerusalem ceramic into your home with Pama Crafts ceramics. The medium of ceramic pottery and art as well as Armenian ceramics date back to many centuries ago and walking through Jerusalem's Old City quarters is like walking through a time machine. There are pottery shops all over Jerusalem in which you can see artists at work and masterpieces of pottery ware, tiles and ornaments with traditional motifs such as views of Jerusalem, ornamental flowers, animal and bird motifs, pomegranates and grapevines and cherubs. There is a great demand by Arab-Muslim, Christian and Jewish customers for ceramic pieces with the traditional motifs mixed with the relevant belief systems' themes in which public and private buildings, homes and places of worship and gardens are decorated. Pama ceramics consist of fine art pottery which is called ceramics more specifically and crafts pottery which include items that can be used to store water, food or used as household or business serving items.

Ceramic art is an ancient industry which dates back to 2400 BC. When man discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by mixing it with water and then firing it in kilns the world changed. About 1000 years later when settled communities were formed, tiles were manufactured in Mesopotamia.The Armenian ceramic industry has boomed as a tourist relic upon visiting Jerusalem and many Muslim, Christian and Jewish people are buying this pottery and decorative art. It is one of those things people like to collect like traditional Chinese porcelain sets to become family heirlooms and represent history. The Armenians have maintained their hand painted techniques as well as the typical coluors of blue, yellow, green, turquoise and red. Mosaic tiles to hanging ornaments, to tables and mirrors to plates, bowls, jugs, goblets, mugs, bottles and vases in different sizes, to bells, incense holders, ashtrays, Judaica items and so much more are available with all the traditional motifs and designs.Browse this wonderful gallery to find all the beautiful pottery ware and items as well as ornamented pieces, designed with traditional Armenian motifs with an artist touch.Again it is returned to the oven at the same temperature and finished with fine glazing.

ProcessEach individual item is hand-painted with ceramic clay. Once complete it is placed in an oven at temp. 1000°C until hardened. Each piece is then hand painted using metallic and oxidized paint in order to keep its natural colour.