Large Division 5 sections 24 CM


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This very unusual division shape dish is:

* Handmade and painted in Jerusalem.

* Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

* Suitable to use for all types of food including acidic food.

* Ideal to use for serving nuts, olives, dried fruits and great for party nibbles.

* The colours are permanent as it is glazed all over.

* Great gift for all occasions.


26 CM in diameter x 3 CM in height.

This product may also be available in different patterns & colours:

(Please enquire for availability)

* Olive design in Blue & Light Blue.

* Olive design in Blue & Yellow.

* Olive design in Blue & Red.

* Star design in Blue.

* Star design in Multi-colored.

* Star design in Blue & Light Blue.

* Star design in Blue & Yellow.

* Star design in Blue & Green.

* Star design in Blue & Red.

Note: The colours and details in these items may be different from one to another as these are hand painted.