Square Dish 9.5 CM


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This size dish in one of our best sellers as it is a good size and shape to use for serving sauces and dips with a main meal dish. Also it can be used for serving all types of nuts.

This dish is dishwasher and microwave safe, and coloures painted will never fade or change when washing as it is glazed and fired in the kiln on a very high temperature. Also it is suitable to use for the types of food including acidic food as the glaze is led-free.

This piece of art is an ideal gift for all occasions.


L9.5 X W9.5 X H 3 CM

This product comes in different Colours and Patterns.

* Blue.

* Blue & Yellow.

* Blue & Green.

* Blue & Light Blue.

* Star & Colours.

* Star Blue.

* Star Yellow & Blue.

* Star Green & Blue.

* Blue Peacocks.

* Blue Fish.

* Green Peacocks.

* Green Fish.